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powpow-punchpunch asked:

You might have been asked this before but would you label yourself a rad fem, lib fem, etc? Also, what do you think about labeling different versions of feminism? What do you think are the pros and cons of such separation of different theologies of feminism?


Here’s my problem: by definitions, I definitely fall on the Radical Feminism side of the Rad VS Lib debate (being critical of systems of power vs trying to gain power within our current systems). BUT Radical Feminism is so inundated with TERFs that I’m super uncomfortable with that label.

I try to practice intersectional feminism, BUT as a white person, it’s inappropriate for me to label myself as an intersectional feminist, so I don’t.

So there isn’t really a tidy label for what “kind” of feminist I am. I’m certainly not opposed to labels though.

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